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Crystal Creations by Christine
Calgary, Alberta Canada
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    Calgary Alberta, Canada
    T3G 4L4
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    Christine believes that happiness, excitement and fun are the perfect accessories to a fabulous life!

    Crystal Creations embodies these sentiments and gives women of all ages the tools to make their own look-and lives-a little more fabulous. The vibrant designs give her customers a way to add some sparkle and shine, in an individual way that reflects their own distinct sense of style.

    Affordability is also a key part of the Crystal Creations. We believe that high quality and high style don’t have to come at a high price!

    Crystal Creations products are carefully crafted and made with quality materials, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

    We keep Crystal Creations by Christine (“Crystal Creations”) close to our hearts and close to home!

    A huge point of pride for us is local production, with pieces manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. By producing locally, we keep jobs at home and can guarantee that our jewellery is made in a positive work environment.

    We are committed to responsible and ethical production. Crystal Creations pieces are made from the highest quality genuine Swarovski Crystals with strict adherence to the health and safety for those who make the product, as well as for those who will wear it. Everyone involved in the production of Crystal Creations is treated with respect and is recognized for their efforts.

    Christine would like to express a special thank you to her Mom, Joan, for all the early morning road trips, all the support and the countless hours she has assisted her during the “hundreds” of Farmer’s Markets and Christmas Craft shows that they have attended together. Her success is a direct result of her Mom’s support, love and guidance.
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